June 28 & 29th 2018, Mumbai


Lt Commander Kushal Singh

Head Facilities Management, Central Asia, Merck Limited

1) What growth potential do you see for facilities management sector in India?

Today, the size of the organized FM services industry is pegged at around USD 7.5 billion, and has grown at 15-20% over the last few years. By 2020, we expect the sector to cross USD 19.5 billion.

2) As an user/operator in Facility Management, what are the qualities you look for in your vendor/ supplier before choosing them for FM operations?

In addition to the cost considerations, other key criteria would be compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and transparency.

3) What impact will new technologies like Block chain, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 3D printing have on the imminent future of Facilities Management in India?

I personally feel a lot of value can be drawn by using the new technologies. These technologies not only help bring down the operating costs drastically but also provide quicker and agile turn around over manual processes. There are though apprehensions around reduction in jobs in many low rung areas of the function.

4) How do facilities professionals move away from the mindset of an 'Administrative Support' function and be recognised as key critical resources for the enterprise ? What are your thoughts on this?

The facilities managers today can make use of the tools and technology available to them to create and share with the management dashboards providing crisp and relevant information in a proactive and transparent manner. They need to align with the business, understand the priorities and work proactively as a business partner.

5) Your views on The Economic Times “Facility Management Summit” and how important do you to feel is the need of organizing such summits?

I think this is the first time The Economic Times is organising this summit in the domain of Facilities Management. It’s certainly a great platform to bring the facilities professional together.