June 28 & 29th 2018, Mumbai


Lakshmi Narayanan Vadivel

Head – Facility Management, Shapoorji Paloonji, Dubai

1. What growth potential do you see for facilities management sector in India?
The demand for FM services is increasing with widened scope of services an as well in geographic spread. Total FM growth rate in India is at 23% much higher than the global country average.

2. As an user/operator in Facility Management, what are the qualities you look for in your vendor/ supplier before choosing them for FM operations?
As a user I see that the operator shall have an right attitude and an open mind to accept criticism, this shows his or her willingness to learn and show continual improvements.

3. What impact will new technologies like Block chain, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 3D printing have on the imminent future of Facilities Management in India?
Only change that it will bring in or needed is to refresh the current set of Facility managers to adapt to newer trends and it is really an uphill task for the current set of FM’s to manage the new set of building coming up with such high end technology.

4. How do facilities professionals move away from the mindset of an 'Administrative Support' function and be recognised as key critical resources for the enterprise ? What are your thoughts on this?
First of all Facility Managers need to remove the thought that FM is a cost expense center, rather they see what ever they are doing is towards cost saving either directly or indirectly and operate with a O – O Concept (Ownership & Out of box thinking)

5. Your views on The Economic Times “Facility Management Summit” and how important do you to feel is the need of organizing such summits?
With the current upwards trend in FM Sector growth, it is the right time that FM experts from various sectors come together and share their knowledge for the rest of the world to know, hence it is important to organize such submits.