June 28 & 29th 2018, Mumbai


Dr. Shakti Chauhan

Head – Facilities Management & Mall Operations, Reliance Retail Ltd

1) What growth potential do you see for facilities management sector in India?

Once we look at how India is growing across Retail , Telecom , IT , Hospitality & Other Industries , all these are potential for FM team’s growth. Any infrastructure set up is growth guarantee for FM sector, as all these will be required to be maintained by skilled FM professionals in some or other ways. Overall FM industry is poised to grow over 20 Billion USD in next 2-3 years & this is big number when some of the business are stagnant & correction happening in Real Estate Industry.

2) As an user/operator in Facility Management, what are the qualities you look for in your vendor/ supplier before choosing them for FM operations?

Service Partner’s ( as I normally refer them & not Service Providers) are Heart & Backbone of any FM Operation and we know how important these parts are for our bodies. First of all as a user we see the attitude of the vendor if they are in sync with organisation’s values & objectives , are they flexible enough for managing the volatile operation we manage, whether they have capacity to grow with our requirements & on top of everything they must be compliant to not expose the organisation. While rate also plays major role in how a partner is decided but this substantiates the value a service partner can offer with their presence , volume & other expertise.

3) What impact will new technologies like Block chain, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 3D printing have on the imminent future of Facilities Management in India?

Changing face of FM with all new technological developments are becoming boon to industry. These can add Quick deployment and easy integration of new business , Able to collect and process data from anywhere at any time & allow team to take best of decisions , Convenience and Continues availability of Information make control stronger & better consistently ,Scalability and performance of FM team remains easy for the business growth. FM team will be able to discover trends in energy use, identify faults, perform RCA and prioritize actions on bringing more efficiency .

This can further help on understanding building operating efficacy for corrections , can convert intelligence into “actionable information” & bring more cost consistency. These will certainly enable facility managers to proactively optimize operations in other way one can say that “ A well informed Facility Manager is well Empowered Facility Manager”

4) How do facilities professionals move away from the mindset of an 'Administrative Support' function and be recognised as key critical resources for the enterprise ? What are your thoughts on this?

There are no second thought about FM being not just a support function but key contributor if we have uunderstood business direction , goals and agreed on scope properly . Ensured to have proper execution plan keeping all stake holders & team members buy-in , crated proper functional relationship between business process and facilities. We had also ensured an appropriate compliance charter & properly tested Business Continuity Process to ensure no turbulence to operations. This ensures FM cost always remains an investment to sustain business operation & have best of uptime to all equipment’s.

5) Your views on The Economic Times “Facility Management Summit” and how important do you to feel is the need of organizing such summits?

Facilities Management Summits are great platform to learn new technologies , best practices ,meet new service partners & have best of networking within FM Fraternity. With ET taking this initiative forward is certainly talks massive about the importance of this field & along with ET’s reach this will spread enormous awareness to just not industry but to all budding professionals to choose this as new carrier options. Such events give a different view to our own operational standards where we learn what practice other industry people are following & where all opportunities for improvements. Such events will also allow government bodies to think about this industry & bring more attention also recognise as special field where all India efforts can do big change for the industry. I am extremely delighted to be part of such great event & their advisory board !!